Somali Studies Debate Invitation 2015

During Spring 2015, a debate going under the name Caddaan Studies sailed up among the members of the Somali Studies community, with repercussions even further. Then several people approached us as organizers of the 12th SSIA Congress, asking us to allow the debate a place on the congress program. By then, we had already spent two years planning this program and it was quite settled and very full. But we agree that the debate raises important issues.

So we have come up with this invitation to follow up the debate with a continuous and collaborative effort of self-reflection within our community, asking ourselves Whose Voice? has been heard and will be heard, over time and in whose name? Please read our attached document. We hope to see many people join in, in time for a first update at the congress.

Whose Voice? Debating Power, Authority and Knowledge Production in Somali Studies